10 Most Affected Countries From Corona Virus Which You Should Avoid Visiting For Atleast 6 Months

5 countries you should avoid travelling

From the first case was discovered to date, the Corona Virus has been spreading like wildfire and is currently the most serious issue affecting the world. Thousands of new confirmed cases are being added on the list every day worldwide. The world is currently uncertain, innocent people lost their lives, stock markets crashing, people are stuck in their homes and unfortunately, we are leading towards the global economic recession.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games have already been postponed to year 2021 because of this. This is the first time in the 124-year history of the Olympics.

During these hard times, we need to be extra careful. Here, we are listing 10 countries which are mostly affected because of this so that we can avoid traveling there until the situation gets better:

1. China

The first case of the Corona Virus was detected in the Hubei province of China. The current condition in China is the worst. However, the good part is the country is reporting a dwindling number of new Corona Virus cases.

Total Cases: 81,218
Total Deaths: 3,281
Total People Recovered: 73,650

2. Italy

Italy has the second-highest recorded confirmed infected cases, only behind China and it is spreading at a very fast rate. It has also recorded the highest number of total cases per million population. Italy has also overtaken China’s death toll.

Total Cases: 69,176
Total Deaths: 6,820
Total People Recovered: 8,326

3. USA

158 million Americans told to stay home. The white house has already issued a warning of an alarming attack rate in New York City. The virus has brought the superpower on its knees as the numbers doubled in the past few days.

Total Cases: 55,416
Total Deaths: 789
Total People Recovered: 379

4. Spain

Eight out of ten people in Madrid (the capital of Spain) will get COVID-19, according to the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso. The current population of Madrid is 6.5 million. One death is reported every 16 minutes as Corona Virus cases surge by 25%. It is the second most affected country in Europe after Italy.

Total Cases: 47,610
Total Deaths: 3,434
Total People Recovered: 5,367

5. Germany

The number of confirmed cases in Germany soar past 35,000 but the good part is the death rate is relatively low compared to other countries.

Total Cases: 35,714
Total Deaths: 181
Total People Recovered: 3,540

6. Iran

The death toll in Iran from the virus has risen to over 2000. US officials are claiming that the IRAN authorities are hiding the actual death toll numbers and the exact numbers could be more. Iran also asked the IMF for economical help to combat the virus.

The virus kills one person every 10 minutes in Iran, as per their Health Ministry statement.

Total Cases: 27,017
Total Deaths: 2,077
Total People Recovered: 9,625

7. France

Outdoor physical activity has been restricted to a radius of 2 kilometers from home while cycling has been completely banned.

Total Cases: 22,304
Total Deaths: 1,100
Total People Recovered: 3,281

8. Switzerland

On March 17, Health official of Switzerland said the number of positive cases are rising so fast that it is becoming difficult to find the exact numbers. He further added we will have to make every effort possible to make sure the infection rate goes down otherwise in the next few days, Swiss hospitals won’t be able to handle it.

Total Cases: 10,537
Total Deaths: 149
Total People Recovered: 131

9. South Korea

Nearly 20,000 people are being tested every day in South Korea, the highest number of people per capita than anywhere else in the world. The good news here is the fatality rate in South Korea is 1% while the fatality rate measured globally is 4%.

Total Cases: 9,137
Total Deaths: 126
Total People Recovered: 3,730

10. United Kingdom

Prince Charles tests positive, he is now self-isolating at Balmoral. Also, London could face a shortage of hospital beds in just four days if the cases going to increase like this.

Total Cases: 8.227
Total Deaths: 433
Total People Recovered: 135

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