Ramayana – Lord Rama’s Route From Ayodhya To Lanka Explained

Ramanand Sagar Ramayana

From the time Union Minister Prakash Javedkar announces the re-telecast of the historic “Ramayana” during the 21 days lockdown in the country, the entire nation was extremely excited. The show has broken all the TRP records to date and is currently amongst the most-watched serials.

While the entire country is watching the show, here we are going to show the complete route taken by Lord Rama to Lanka. He started his journey from Ayodhya which is situated on the southern banks of the river Saryu.

When Lord Rama reached on the banks of river Ganga after leaving the Palace, Nishad Raj Guha (ruler of Nishad Kingdom) came to help them cross the river.

Lord Rama crossing Ganga
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1. Prayag

After crossing the river Ganga, Lord Rama, Maa Sita & Laxman reached Triveni Sangam which is the confluence of three rivers i.e. Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati. He stayed at Sage Bharadwaj’s Asharam there.

Sage Bhardwaj Asharam
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2. Chitrakoot

This was the second place where Lord Rama along with Maa Sita and Laxman reached. They visited Maharishi Valmiki Asharam, Atri Asharam and met Sati Anusuya. This was the place where Bharat came to take Lord Rama (his elder brother) back to Ayodhya but after failing to convince him, he took Lord Rama’s Paduka (Wooden Sandal) and promised to keep them on the throne until Rama returns.

There are also places like Ram Ghat where Lord Rama used to take a dip, Bharat Milap Mandir where Rama met Bharat, you should not miss.

Shri Rama Paduka
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3. Satna

When Lord Rama reached Dandaka Forest after meeting Rishi Atri, he saw Demon Viradha on his way. When the demon tried to abduct Sita Maa, Lord Rama and Laxman aimed many arrows at him resulting in his death.

Then they went to Rishi Sharbhang’s hermitage. When they were about to reach the Asharam, Indra Dev was already there to take the Rishi to the Brahmalok (heaven) but the Rishi refused to go with Indra as he knows Lord Rama is coming to his hermitage. Rishi Sarbhang forced life to remain in his body.

Killing of Asura Viradha
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4. Siddha Pahad

As suggested by Rishi Sarbhang, Lord Rama went to Rishi Sutikshan’s Asharam. The Asharam was 6 km away from the Siddha Pahad. From here, Rishi Sutikshan along with Rama, Laxman & Sita went to the hermitage of Rishi Agastya.

5. Bhandardara

Here Lord Rama met Rishi Agastya to seek his blessings. Rishi Agastya once drank the water of all the seven oceans to find the Asuras. Asuras used to hide under the ocean, and from there they used to attack Devtas.

Once Lord Shiva ordered Rishi Agastya to move over to South to stabilize the earth when the North end came down, South rose because of overcrowding by people who came to witness Shiva’s wedding with Maa Parvati.

Rishi Agastya drinking Ocean water
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6. Panchvati

Panchvati is in today’s Nashik city. The city Nashik (Nasika in Sanskrit) got its name from the Ramayana. It is the place where Laxman cut off Suparnakha’s nose while she was attacking Maa Sita.

After this humiliation, Suparnakha went to his brothers Khar & Dushan to ask for their help. Khar sent his army of 14 soldiers along with Suparnakha to kill Rama & Laxmana. Lord Rama killed all these 14 soldiers with just his one arrow.

Suparnakha again went to Khar & Dushan with this tragic news, then both these brothers decided to go by themselves to confront Rama. In this battle, Lord Rama killed both these demons.

It is also the same place, where Ravana abducted Maa Sita.

Ravana abducted Maa Sita
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8. Sureban

Sureban is a village in the Belgaum district of Karnataka. It is the place where Shri Rama met Maa Shabri. On his arrival, Shabri told him that she was waiting for him to come for so long.

During his last days, Rishi Matang (Guru of Shabri) foretold her that Lord Rama will visit her Asharam one day after that she will attain salvation (Moksha). From that day, Mata Shabri was waiting for Lord Rama to visit her Asharam.

Shri Rama meeting Mata Shabri
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9. Kardigud

It is a village in the Raichur district of Kardigud. It is the place where Lord Rama killed the demon Kabandha. Kabandha was originally a Gandharva but he was cursed and made into an ugly carnivorous Demon by Indra.

When Rama killed and cremated Kabandha, he came back to his original form and suggested Lord Rama to meet Sugreev.

Lord Rama killing Demon Kabandha
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10. Kishkindha

Kishkindha was the kingdom of Vanara King Vaali who was also the elder brother of Sugreev. Because of some misunderstandings between the brothers, Vaali threw Sugreev out of the kingdom and kept his wife with him.

When Lord Rama met Sugreev who was residing in Rishmayukh Parvat and listened to all this, he decided to kill Vaali and hand over the Kishkindha Kindom to Sugreev.

It is the same place where Lord Rama met his biggest devotee Hanumana who was the minister and friend of Sugreev.

Bali and Sugreev Fighting
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14. Ramanathapuram

Here Vibhishana came to meet Lord Rama. He was the younger brother of Demon King (Asura-Raj) Ravana. Being a noble person, he asked his elder brother Ravana to return Maa Sita to Rama but Ravana refused. After which Vibhisavan decided to join Rama’s Army.

Vibhisana meeting with Rama
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15. Rameswaram

It is amongst the four Dhaam of the Hinduism and is amongst the most sacred places for Hindus because of Lord Rama built a Shivalinga from sand and worshipped him before leaving for Lanka.

From here, the Vanara Sena built a bridge in the ocean while writing Lord Rama’s name on the stones so they could flow in the water. Under the supervision of Nala, the complete bridge was built and it took 5 days to build this.

From here, they crossed the Ocean and reached Lanka where Lord Rama fought with Ravana resulting in the death of Ravana. Later, Vibhishana became the new King of Lanka.

Shivalinga at Rameswaram
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Ram Setu
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  1. In the last chapter you mentioned sugreev became the new king of Lanka, which is not correct, Vibhishan became the new king if Lanka.Please correct it.Bhawani shanker kusumJaipur

  2. There is a place called ” Taked ” in Igatpuri tehsil of Nasik district, where Jatayu,the big eagle , is supposed to have confronted Ravana, and was grievously injured by him . When Ram started search for Sita, it was Jatayu who told him about Sita’s abduction, before he died.

  3. It was vibhishana who become the king of Lanka after the death of ravana not sugreev might be printing mistake

  4. Kishkindha is todays hampi/ Vijayanagar empire,. You can see vali and sugriva;s caves evan now , You can see lot of monkeys in the hills of hampi. Lord Hanuman is from karnataka.

  5. Thank you for the article and the illustrations. It is wonderful to know about these places and they really exists even today. Jai Sri Ram !!! What better to read about on the day when there is Bhumi Pujan at Ajyodhya?? Thanks once again…..

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