Reasons why the USA has failed in controlling Corona Virus

Sad Trump

The USA has now over 450,000 Corona Virus cases and is at the top of the table. A few months back, Donald Trump started its re-election campaign and showed the public how the economy has boomed under his government, unemployment rate at its lowest and the share market at its peak. But from the last one month, when the Corona Virus cases have surged drastically, USA stocks have seen worst fall since 1987.

Last year, he tweeted that the USA is seeing the highest Stock Market in history

Donald Trump Tweet

Graph of NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) performance over the last 5 years to the date after Corona hit the market.

New York Stock Exchange Graph

Recently, the UN has said that 24 million Jobs could be lost globally because of this Pandemic and the USA alone has seen 3.28 million job losses so far. So all the hard work Donald Trump does about Economy, Jobs in all these years goes in Vain.

Now the question arises, Being the only Superpower how the USA failed in controlling this deadly Virus?

1. Testing is on Large Scale: So far, over 4,00,000 people have been tested in the USA which is very high as compared to many Asian countries that have low confirmed cases.

2. America- A major Tourist Attraction: The USA is amongst the top 5 tourist attractions. In the year 2018, the USA received 79.6 million tourists across the country including almost 3 million Chinese tourists. The USA also received a lot of Chinese Tourists in January-February 2020 during the Corona Virus outbreak.

International Tourism Arrival 2018

3. Slow Action Taken: On Feb 24 ignoring the Corona threat, Donald Trump tweeted that the Corona Virus is under control in the USA and we will overcome it soon.

In a recent survey, 58% of American thinks that the U.S Federal Government acted too slow in combating the virus.

Trump Tweet

4. USA Climate: Around 50% of all the U.S cases are from just one city i.e. New York and it has now become the epicenter of the outbreak within the USA. It is because of the cold climate of the city. The average temperature within this area lies between 5 degrees to 11 degrees Celsius which is quite favorable for virus spread.

Also, New York is amongst the most populated city inside the country.

America COVID 19 cases


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